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BCTechWorks volunteered and was chosen by Blankets for Canada to design and support their new website. BCTechWorks, using its favorite content management system, Joomla, has implemented and refined the Blankets for Canada website.

With the addition of a few Joomla extensions and some custom extensions, most of Blankets for Canada website content can be edited by the Blankets for Canada volunteer board members.

Blankets for Canada is a non-denominational organization devoted to creating blankets for Canadians who need warmth. Blankets for Canada is a non-profit organization that depends entirely on donations and volunteers.

Here are some of the Joomla extensions and customizations integrated into the Blankets for Canada website:

  • A contact form extension was added for new members
  • A front-end display extension for Contacts. A custom front-end edit function was added to this extension so Blankets for Canada head office volunteers can edit Contact entries
  • An editor extension was added to provide Blankets for Canada head office volunteers better edit capabilities
  • A menu extension was added for the top menu
  • A media box extension was added for image pop-ups
  • An image gallery extension was added to manage and display blanket image galleries
  • A custom template was built for the Blankets for Canada website
  • A stats counter function was integrated into the website
  • A user map location feature was added to the website