Resume of Byron Christopherson:

2006 – Present BCTechWorks Consulting

Website developer primarily using osCommerce for eStores and the Joomla Content Management System.

2004 – 2005 Terasen Gas Inc.

Consultant contracted to Terasen Gas to assist in organizational transformation, knowledge transfer, mentoring and project management. Developed the technology roadmap for the network domain. Implemented the Frontbridge anti-spam service across all Terasen divisions.

1995–2003 Terasen Gas Inc.

Business Leader Infrastructure Management role included IT Architecture & Planning, network architecture, IT security and management, IT Operations and Communication Engineering (emergency radio system).

Implemented a large 2 year IT Infrastructure program which includes:

  • Windows XP and Office XP,
  • consolidation of the file share servers onto a NAS device,
  • implementation of numerous network security facilities,
  • implementation of the Terasen renaming project e-mail facility for all the divisions,
  • support of CustomerWorks and then migration of CustomerWorks to Accenture Business Solutions,
  • conversion of the token ring LANs to Ethernet across the entire 37 site network,
  • implementation of a Cisco wireless network for Terasen Inc.,
  • implementation of Citrix to support CustomerWorks, Terasen Gas Vancouver Island and Terasen Gas small sites and
  • implementation of Microsoft’s Active Directory.

Overhauled the IT infrastructure outsourcing agreement with Telus to clarify services and service levels based on the ITIL framework.

Participated in the development of an IT infrastructure delivery process and organization.

Coordinated and participated in the development and exercise of the IT Emergency Preparedness plan (part of the disaster recovery plan). A disaster simulation event was done annually by the entire company to exercise the plan with BC Hydro and Telus.

Project Manager on the Coastal Facilities project for 18 months to provide:

  • IT infrastructure design and implementation of the new buildings gigabit ethernet communication networks,
  • implementation of Phase 1 of VOIP on the Nortel PBX,
  • development of the Surrey server data centre,
  • move of about 75 servers and
  • coordinated the move of infrastructure components for about 900 people into 4 new buildings.

1989 – 1994 BC Gas Utility (Terasen Gas predecessor)

Technology Project Manager for the development and implementation of a new Customer Information System (Theseus Project) within a consortium with Canadian Utilities and Union Gas. This was a development project using a client/server model to replace the two aging customer systems. Development was out-sourced to IBM.

Supported the maintenance of the two current customer systems, one through a support group of four staff, the other through an out-sourcing arrangement.

Provided IT infrastructure services including the implementation of an IP wide area network for the 37 site, province wide network.

1985 – 1988 Inland Natural Gas (BC Gas predecessor)

Applications Manager who matched modern information systems and technology solutions to user business needs. Provided systems planning, business case development, project management, systems development and maintenance, section budgeting and staff management.

Managed development projects including the Customer Information System, Budget Responsibility System, Materials Management, Merchandising Sales Reporting, and the Time Allocation System.

Provided application support for General Ledger, Plant Accounting, Accounts Payable, Labour Distribution, and Gas Measurement systems.

1972 – 1985 City of Edmonton

Director, Technical Services who managed twenty-one staff in four areas: operating system software, production control software, network design and management and performance and capacity management for both Unisys and IBM mainframes My responsibility also included technical support and computer operations on the IBM system.

Co-ordinated the interconnection of the IBM and Unisys communication networks resulting in one terminal access to dual customer systems.

Developed an online change control system to control production program changes.

Directed the installation of a new tape management system, computer resource billing package and the office automation host software component.

Managed upgrades and enhancements to operating systems, database management systems, communications and security; planned for hardware/software upgrades; trained new personnel; provided performance capacity monitoring and benchmarking for two Unisys mainframes.

Designed and coordinated the implementation of the Communication Network Security System for online systems.

Enhanced the network communication software to provide fault tolerance to the hardware network and improved functionality for online transaction applications and operations.