Create a Contacts Group Using the Windows 10 Outlook Mail App

Create a Contacts Group in Windows 10 People App, Copying Email Adresses from Outlook Mail App

This method is useful if you are inserting email addresses into the Outlook Mail App or have received an email with a group of addresses that you want to capture to create a Group Contact.

The following Outlook email is an example that contains 3 email addresses that we want to capture:


Step 1: Capture a list of email addresses

  • NOTE: If the email addresses are in a received email, click reply to enable editing of the email addresses
  • At the end of the email list in the To: field, right click and choose Select All to highlight the email addresses we want to capture, see the highlighted email addresses below:
  • Now you must copy the entire list of emails by using the Ctrl-C keys - hold down the Ctrl key and then press the C key.


Step 2: Open the People App and click the + to open a new contact - the following is displayed:

  • Give the Group Contact a Name, ours is called Group Persons
  • Click on an + Email field, we are using Other email
  • Right click in the Other email field and then click on Paste to insert the group of email addresses we copied from the email
  • Click the Save Icon (diskette image) to save the new Outlook Group Contact
  • NOTE: If you have more than 1 mail account, you will have to choose which account to Save To. Examples are Microsoft, Outlook, Google, etc.


Step 3: Now let's try the Group Contact from within a New Outlook email:

  • In the Outlook Mail App click on + New mail
  • To the right of the To: field click on the People icon+
  • The following Contact Search will open - keyin the name of the Group and click to search
  • In our example the Group Persons contact appears, click on that search result:

  • The following will be displayed:


Step 4: Click on the Other email field and the email addresses will be inserted into the To: field of the Outlook email as follows:

  • This method also works for Cc & Bcc