Create a Contacts Group Using the Windows 10 People App

Create a Contacts Group in the Windows 10 People App by Manually Keying in Email Addresses

Step 1: Open the People App and click the + to open a new contact - see the image below:

  • Give the Group Contact a Name, ours is called Group Persons
  • Click on an + Email field, we are using Other email
  • Manually keyin each email address which must be separated by a semi-colon (see our example below)
  • Click the Save Icon (diskette image) to save the new Outlook Group Contact
  • NOTE: If you have more than 1 mail account, you will have to choose which account to Save To. Examples are Microsoft, Outlook, Google, etc.


Step 2: Now let's try the Group Contact to Send an Email

  • In the People App, search for your Group Contact, in our case search for Group Persons
  • Click on that Group Persons search result and the Contact will be displayed to the right


Step 3: Click on the Email Other field and the email addresses will be inserted into the To: field of the Outlook email as follows:

  • NOTE: If the Outlook Mail App is not the default and another email program such as Thunderbird is, a draft Thunderbird email will be opened and the To: field of that email will be populated with the Group Contact email addresses